Our firm provides year-round political and public affairs consultation to our clients throughout both the legislative sessions and the campaign cycles in Nevada.  During our legislative sessions, j3 STRATEGIES provides strategic public affairs consultation, lobbying and public relations/media consultation.  We have the ability to track thousands of pieces of legislation on behalf of our clients to ensure they are briefed with accurate and timely information on issues that affect them and their economic interests.

During the interim period between legislative sessions, we continue to monitor state regulatory agencies and legislative interim committees on behalf of our clients.  Further, we assist our clients with introductions to both elected and non-elected leaders, as well as leaders in various business and special interest groups and associations to assist with both coalition and relationship building.

In addition, j3 STRATEGIES assists our clients in the vetting process of political candidates – both to educate those seeking office on our clients’ issues and to help our clients formulate better relationships with lawmakers, regulators and executive branch officials.

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